The Full Gina Experience

6/18 - 6/24: Where's Gina...?

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Hello seekers of pleasure and true desire! I just got back from vacation and I have a very busy week already planned. I want to thank all of my wonderful friends who missed me and contacted me while I was away. Because of you all and the experiences we share when we are together I have a nearly full schedule! It is so lovely being missed.

So, this week my availability is limited, but I do get to visit one of my very favorite areas of California: Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach!!!

And you want to know one of the best parts about this week: I have Doubles Experiences available nearly the whole time!!! I am so excited because the more ladies the more...well, everything lol! So be sure to ask me about my delicious friends.

That's right SoCal, the Full Gina Experience is going on tour and I am coming down to you (hehehe)! I am making a very special trip to celebrate a special occasion. And while I am there I will be available to all my old friends and hope to make some new ones as well.

FYI, my currently listed rates have been updated and are my out of town tour rates. If you're interested in an appointment back home in the good ol' Bay Area, let me know!

Also, for one of the first times ever, I am offering a special Pre-booking discount for New Friends only of $50. Only pre-screened and verified appointments made at least 24 hours in advance will qualify. If you're P411 or TER verified let me know. All others will require two verifiable provider references from appointments occurring within the last six months.

Now all that boring stuff is out of the way...

Where's Gina...?

6/20: Santa Barbara 


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5/4/ - New Mind Shattering Doubles in San Francisco!!!

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Hello gentlemen!

Today is going to be an amazing day as I am going to be playing with a very special and brand new friend of mine. Her name is Natalie and she is - well, you know what, I will simply let her own reviews speak for her.

Click here to check out her amazingly hot scintillating reviews:    

All I will say is that she is quite possibly the best I've ever seen. There it is. 

We will be in San Francisco today beginning at 3pm and available for both incalls and outcalls individually or in tandem. You can contact me directly via email for more information and to book an appointment. Keep in mind that all screening protocols are mandatory so be sure to have your information ready.

I will be thinking about you until we meet....

xoxo Gina 

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Where's Gina...? - 4/24 - 4/29

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Well, how do you do gentlemen? Am I excited for this week!!!

First of all, it is my Birthday Week so I will be running a Full Gina Experience special! I never run any specials because I am always special (lol)! So, contact me for more details, just ask about the Birthday FGE!!

Second, I just found and put in an offer on a beautiful house that I am so excited about. It has got so much room for all the animals I want to have.

And speaking of animals, this Friday my friends and I are throwing a very wild party, An Orgy of Lust consisting of myself and three of my most very special friends and a select few gentlemen.  There are only two spots available!!! It is available only for those already verified and known to me. But don't worry, we have these parties rather often, so get verified now before you miss the next one,

Finally, I am going to have a week devoted almost entirely to one area!! It's kind of a cool, new thing for me to do and I am sure those wild enough in the area will enjoy the abundance of attention. So...

Where's Gina....?

4/24 Monday - San Jose - 8am - 12am

4/25 Tuesday - San Jose - 8am - 12am

4/26 Wednesday - San Jose - 8am - 12am

4/27 Thursday - San Jose - 8am -12pm

                           Pleasanton - 1pm - 2am

4/28 Friday - Pleasanton - 8am - 2pm

                       San Jose - Orgy of Lust!!!

4/29 Saturday - Totally Booked

I will be available for outcalls to almost anywhere near and around the cities…

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4/9 - 4/15: Where's Gina....?

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Hello gentlemen of the internet! 

This week is going to be such an exciting week. First of all I am going to rocking both the San Francisco and East Bay areas in addition to turning fantasies into realities in San Jose.  

In addition to that, on Wednesday and Saturday I am going to be doing something I've never done before, but I am truly giddy with anticipation at the prospect.  It's a bit of a secret as I can't even talk about it openly yet. But it's going to be an amazing limited engagement so contact me either through my booking page or directly via email. 


I am literally moistening at my new adventures this week and to see my old friends and to make many new ones as well. If we've never met before, now is your chance. Carpe Diem!

So, where's Gina...?

Saturday (4/8): Mostly booked

Sunday (4/9): SJ & Pleasanton

Monday (4/10) - Pleasanton & East Bay

Tuesday (4/11) - San Jose 

Wednesday (4/12): Secret Undisclosed Location

Thursday (4/13): San Jose til 2pm; San Francisco 3pm - 2am

Friday (4/14): San Francisco til 2pm; San Jose 3pm - 2am

Saturday (4/15): Secret Undisclosed Location 

As always, I am available for both incalls and outcalls everywhere I go. But, if you don't see the date and city you're looking for, just email me and we can set something up for another time just for you. I simply love pre-booking appointments that best fit both our schedules. 

Remember, I see only a select few clients a day and I book extremely fast so contact me now to get the appointment you desire and the experience you deserve!!!

I will be thinking of you until we meet...

xoxo Gina

P.S. Be sure to check out my photo gallery for a bunch of new photos!!!

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