The Full Gina Experience

12/6/17: Where's Gina....? VEGAS BABY!!! 12/7-12/9!!!

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Hello pleasure seekers of internet and more specifically the city of sin and memorable secrets kept: Las Vegas!!!

That's right! This sensual siren scintillating satisfaction is going to be in your fabulous city from 12/7 - 12/9!!!

Come see me at my spectacular and luxurious incall location and experience what it is like to feel truly desired!!!

I will be available for both incalls and Outcalls while I am there. I only visit the town the mob and Sinatra built occasionally when I feel the need to recharge my naughtiness and let loose. So take advantage of this and allow me to run wild all over your mind, body, and spirit (as well as other parts lol).

Below are my Traveling/Tour donation rates. They are non-negotiable and only for the durations listed below. All Outcalls require a minimum 90 minute session or more.

1hr - $350
90min - $500
2hr - $700

90min - $550
2hr - $750

*When contacting me for the first time please provide at least 2 verifiable references from providers you have seen within the last 3-6months and their contact info.* 

I desperately hope to hear from you soon. But until then, I will be thinking about you...

xoxo Gina 
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10/21/17: OMFG! Introducing Devious Doubles of Decadence with YourGirlForHire!

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OMG! OMG! I am so excited for this coming week I can barely contain myself!! I am so turned on and worked up that I could put out all the Norcal wildfires! 

"Why is that Gina?" you may ask. 

Excellent question, I am so glad you asked. 

I am thrilled and giddy with elation because this coming week 10/23 - 10/27; I am getting the sublime, euphoric, body shaking opportunity to play with perhaps my very best girlfriend in this world! Twice!!

I've known this simply sensational and sinful siren of insane desire for a long time and we are so into one another that when we are together, well, things can kinda get out of hand (in the very best of ways lol)! She is a legendary provider in the community, coveted and highly regarded by all those that have been fortunate enough to know her. And when it comes having salacious fun, she is just as insatiable as I am if not more and she is quite "generous" with her time! However, you may not know or have heard of her before because she is and always has been totally UTR. 

It has been a long time since we last played together so we are both revved up to the max and ready to cut loose and get real wild! And I get to share these insane experiences with all my friends which is why I am so thoroughly titillated! I've included a couple pictures of her but you can also check out her ad by clicking here: YourGirlForHire.

So, when are you able to come indulge in the most explosive doubles experience of your entire life? 

This Tuesday - Wednesday (10/24-10/25), we are going to be in San Francisco at a very nice incall location but…

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10/6/17 - A Tantalizing Trio of Tasty Treats on Tuesday!!!

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Hello pleasure seekers! Oh. My. God. Do I have something to share with you! 

I had one of the most wild, fun and amazing days ever on Tuesday. Never before have I had the opportunity to indulge in what I did.

This past Tuesday I had the incredible experience to not only play with two of my closest girlfriends, but I also got to enjoy the sweet and delicious essence of a brand new lady who is as beautiful as she is wild, which is saying a lot. Three ultra sexy and gorgeous ladies and I all at the same time!!!

We were all so into each other that I thought I had died and gone to pussy heaven! It was a gyrating tangle of female sensuality and ever escalating mutual pleasure. 

It was so insanely hot that even now I am getting all worked up just thinking about everything that happened. 

I can not divulge the secret identities of the these wonderfully sensational women just yet. But stay tuned and soon I will...

I so desperately want to not only do it again but to also share this mind shattering earth shaking euphoric experience with anyone brave enough to join us.

So to anyone interested in blowing the doors off a bucket list item or if you simply want to have an experience so intense you'll think it was all just a crazed fever dream, contact me and let me know that you want the Phenomenal Four to fucking rock your body into another realm of pleasure and turn your wildest erotic fantasies into reality. 

Until then...

~ Xoxo Gina 
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9/17/17 - Where's Gina...? MY NEW REGULAR SCHEDULE!!!

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Hello pleasure seekers and celebrators of this beautiful life! It's been a long time since my last post, but promise I will be posting more regularly in the future, so check in often to see what I am up to.

I have been wanting to let everyone know when I am regularly available and where you can find me from now on. So today, I am very excited and pleased to announce my New Regular Schedule!

Unless otherwise stated, this is when and where you'll be able to find me:

Monday: Anytime - North San Jose

Tuesday: Flexible - San Francisco

Wednesday: Until 1pm - NSJ or SF

Thursday: Anytime - North San Jose

Friday: Wild Card Travel Day*

*Tell me where YOU want me!! Available and willing to travel for 90 minute dates or more. 

I am available for both incalls and outcalls to the surrounding areas of my incall location any day of the week. All you have to do is tell me when and where you want to enjoy the Full Gina Experience!!!

Booking is very easy to do; you can do it right here through my website! Screening is mandatory of course, but it is always discreet, quick and very simple. However please allow up to 24 hours to complete booking your desired appointment. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's connect, indulge, celebrate and experience this wonderful ride we call life together!

Until then...

~ Xoxo Gina

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